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Welcome to IAQnet

The online digital magazine dedicated to improving the indoor environments where we spend much of our lives. HealthyIndoors offers readers a true interactive experience with videos and real time news feeds. Best of all--our subscriptions are FREE

Our IAQnet HUB brings our web site, Healthy Indoors Magazine, videos, and all our social media posts to one handy online location. It's like a pocket reference guide on steroids! Check it out from wherever you are.

Bored with your reading materials? Then head on over to our video channels with plenty of content that will hold your attention. You'll find our YouTube and Vimeo archives along with channels from other content producers of interest. Click to view our collection of basic how-to's, our interviews with industry pros, and enjoy our signature online show, "Saving the Great Indoors," with Bob Krell that's a fun and educational look at achieving healthier indoor environments.

Want to learn more about indoor environments and sustainability? Whether you're a consumer looking for credible information, or an industry professional seeking knowledge and continuing education credits, check out our online reference library, attend one of our webinars, or visit our bookstore and get IAQsmarts.

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