About Us

IAQnet is…

…a multimedia company which brings consumers into the indoor environmental marketplace for really the first time. We connect consumers to professionals, and vice versa, giving them the best global information to help them solve their problems locally. Through digital publications, video, live events, social media, ebooks, and so much more, we can give people a voice all over the world.

While you’ll probably see us in person at conferences, events, and video shoots, we're pretty much a virtual company. Our staff is located around the U.S., and soon throughout the world. Our core team has been involved in promoting healthy indoor environments for more than 25 years. We know the contractors who do the cleanup, the government officials and researchers, the doctors who are trying to get people well, and the manufacturers and laboratories. More importantly, we've spent the last decade getting to know the consumers and advocates. Now is the time to connect everyone together.

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